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Are you tired of not knowing the names of the people at your table? Now your worries are over - you can now play with personalized score cards. Enter in your names, import a txt file or choose from a wide variety of themes and just like that - you will have your own groovy personalized score cards!

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Euchre is an interesting trick-taking card game commonly played in the U.S, Canada, U.K, New Zealand and Australia. With COVID-19 restricting people to meet and play Euchre, more people are opting for online casino us games for entertainment

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EuchrePad Scorecards

  • Deep Core Logic - Better player distribution
  • Download scorecards as PDF
  • Specify extra players on Setup Page
  • Permanently assign Player 01 to Table 01
  • Print Player Roster
  • Print Final Tally WorkSheet
  • Print Table Placards
  • Seven Formats:
    • Personalized
    • Personal Lite
    • Tally
    • Rounds
    • Rounds Lite
    • North-South-East-West
    • Vegas-Style
  • Four Layouts:
    • Progressive play
    • Team play
    • Group play
    • ProTeam play
  • "Shuffles" opponents for a balanced distribution
  • Includes Bumps, Woodpeckers and Loners section
  • Personalize even more
    • Enter a descriptive title
    • Enter Names
      • Load player names from .TXT file
      • Manually enter names
      • "Auto Fill" with pre-loaded themes
  • Integrates with LeaderBoard v3.5.3.4 Tournament Manager
  • Full Lotto Integration

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